P.2 Poster Session

Poster Session 2, Friday, August 23, 16:30–18:40

P2.1. da Silva Ricardo Lopes, The influence of the vacancies in the magnetic skyrmion lattice
P2.2. Elizarova Tatiana Gennagyevna, Regularized shallow-water equations as a model for a solitary wave generation
P2.3. Iskakova Kulpash, About the energy levels of GaAs
P2.4. Ivanov Momchil Nikolaev, Polymer Adsorption onto a Stripe-Patterned Surface

P2.5. Magnitskaya Maria Viktorovna, Pressure-induced semiconducting behavior of calcium from ab initiocalculations
P2.6. Menshutin Anton, How to make large computer simulation user friendly: one practical example
P2.7. Najafi Amin, The Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem of Topological Defect Colloidal Particles's energy on 2D Periodic Substrates: A Monte Carlo Study of thermal noise-like fluctuation and diffusionlike Brownian motion
P2.8. Nepeina Ksenia, Automatic post processing algorithm for passive seismic monitoring data
P2.9. Osipchuk Igor, Calculations of the direct and compound reactions of neutrons with nuclei
P2.10. Petrov Vladimir, Models and solutions of quasi 2D turbulence with chemical reactions
P2.11. Popov Ivan Sergeevich, Non-equilibrium critical dynamics of pure and diluted 2D XY model
P2.12. Posvyanskii D.V., True self-consistent solution of Kohn-Sham equations for infinite systems with inhomogeneous electron gas
P2.13. Prepelitsa Georgy Petrovich, Computational modelling dynamics of quantum and laser systems and backward-wave tubes with elements of a chaos
P2.14. Rahimi Seyed Ali, Measurement of Radon Concentration of Air Samples and Estimating Radiation Dose from Radon in SARI Province
P2.15. Sako Tokuei, Angular correlation and genuine- and conjugate-Fermi holes in two-electron atomic systems
P2.16. Satanin Arkady Mikhailovich, Calculation of optical properties of semiconductor nanocrystals in the framework of density functional theory using GPU parallel programming
P2.17. Stornes Morten, Optimal Paths in Random Resistor Networks
P2.18. Svitenkov Andrew Igorevich, Nonlocal correlation functions and an integral model for nanomechanical properties of nanostructural complexes
P2.19. Turansky Robert, Reference system for scanning probe tip fingerprinting
P2.20. Vakilov Andrei, Monte Carlo renormalization group of dilute 3D Ising dynamics
P2.21. Vali Rashid, Effects of the perpendicular magnetization on the nonlocal transport properties of the topological insulator ferromagnet/insulator/superconductor/insulator/ferromagnet junction
P2.22. Valuev Ilya, Numerical Integration of Quantum Dynamics in the Floating Multiple Gaussians Basis
P2.23. Vinnikov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Numerical simulation of dark flight trajectory and dispersion ellipse for meteorites
P2.24. Vaschenko Vladimir Nikolaevich, Numerical modeling and forecasting the geophysical (atmospheric and hydroecological) systems dynamics by using the non-linear prediction and chaos theory methods
P2.25. Voznesenskiy Mikhail, Simulation of small quantum systems by Path Integral Numerical Methods