Active measurements (experiments) of the Interhet traffic using cache-mesh

S.A. Krashakov, L.N. Shchur

Int. J. Mod. Phys. C, 12, 549-562 (2001)


We present here the preliminary results of the active measurements of Internet traffic. The main goal is the measurement of the effectiveness of hierarchical cache developed last years in a number of countries using Squid software. The passive measurements could not give any conclusive answer. The procedure of the active measurements was developed for that reason. First, we use active measurements (experiments) of Internet traffic sending the http-requests from the log files. This give possibility to perform the comparative measurements which is usually more accurate. Next, more sophisticated procedure using triangle of cache servers, one working as the only manager for the two others, which could be setup differently and, typically, serve only odd and even queries respectively was proposed. This procedure, probably, is the most precise experimental setup for the comparative study of server strategies could be done on the basis of standard hardware and software.

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