Ising model special purpose processor, V.B. Andreichenko, Vl.S. Dotsenko, A.L. Talapov and L.N. Shchur, 1991 Печать

Ising model special purpose processor

V.B. Andreichenko, Vl.S. Dotsenko, A.L. Talapov  and L.N. Shchur

Int. J. Mod. Phys., C 2 (1991) 805

We have designed and built a special purpose processor with a very good performance to price ratio, which permits to propose a new way for parallel computing. A simple one spin flip Monte Carlo algorithm is realized in hardware, so the processor is suitable for studies of dynamic as well as thermodynamic properties of the two-dimensional Ising model with different types of inhomogeneities. The speed of the processor is defined completely by the speed of memories used in it: to perform an elementary Monte Carlo step the processor needs a time only several percent larger than one memory cycle time. So it realizes the fastest possible one spin flip Monte Carlo processor architecture.

Special Processor; Random Number Generation; Ising Model; Random Fields; Monte-Carlo Simulations; Phase Transitions

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