Cluster Algorithm Special Purpose Processor

A.L. Talapov, L.N. Shchur, V.B. Andreichenko and V.S. Dotsenko

Mod. Phys. Lett. B6 (1992) 1111-1119

We describe a Special Purpose Processor, realizing the Wolff algorithm in hardware, which is fast enough to study the critical behaviour of 2D Ising-like systems containing more than one million spins. The processor has been checked to produce correct results for a pure Ising model and for Ising model with random bonds. Its data also agree with the Nishimori exact results for spin glass. Only minor changes of the SPP design are necessary to increase the dimensionality and to take into account more complex systems such as Potts models.

Special processor; random number generation; Ising model; random fields; Monte-Carlo simulations; phase transitions

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