The critical region of the random-bond Ising model

A.L. Talapov and L.N. Shchur

J. Phys.: Cond. Matt., 6 (1994) 8295-8308



We describe results of the cluster algorithm Special Purpose Processor simulations of the 2D Ising model with impurity bonds. Use of large lattices, with the number of spins up to $10^6$, permitted to define critical region of temperatures, where both finite size corrections and corrections to scaling are small. High accuracy data unambiguously show increase of magnetization and magnetic susceptibility effective exponents $\beta$ and $\gamma$, caused by impurities. The $M$ and $\chi$ singularities became more sharp, while the specific heat singularity is smoothed. The specific heat is found to be in a good agreement with Dotsenko-Dotsenko theoretical predictions in the whole critical range of temperatures.

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