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Главная Публикации The structure of a gluon string, A.B. Migdal, S.B. Khokhlachev, L.N. Shchur, 1986

The structure of a gluon string

A.B. Migdal, S.B. Khokhlachev, L.N. Shchur

JETP, Vol. 64, No 3, p. 441, 1986
(Русский оригинал - ЖЭТФ, Том 91, Вып. 3, стр. 745, 1986 )


Equations are obtained for the mean field in a gluon string coupling a quark to an antiquark. A string solution does not exist within the framework of the perturbative approach. The influence of nonperturbative effects is taken into account by model, and leads to a string solution in which the gluoelectric field, directed along the string, is surrounded by a circular gluomagnetic field. The fields are localized in a region whose transverse size is of the order of the
confinement range. An estimate is given of the tension coefficient and the parameters characterizing the field distributions.

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