P.1 Poster Session

Poster Session 1, Thursday, August 22, 16:30–18:40

P1.1. Ahn Sul-Ah, A detailed Numerical Analysis for High- Superconductivity Phase Diagram Based on the Slave-Boson Representation of t-J Hamiltonian
P1.2. Barash Lev, PRAND: GPU accelerated parallel random number generation library
P1.3. Bock Johannes Gerhard, Kinetic Growth Random Walks
P1.4. Bondareva Anna, Radiation damage thin coating of silicon carbid
P1.5. Brusentseva Svetlana V., Numerical analysis and forecasting nonlinear dynamics of chaotic systems using chaos theory methods. Application to neurophysiology and econophysics
P1.6. Ciftja Orion, Monte Carlo simulation of correlated electronic liquid crystalline phases
P1.7. da Silva Ricardo Lopes, Nanoring bilayer
P1.8. Davidova Larisa, Sync and anti-sync in a system of coupled oscillators
P1.9. Dickman Adriana Gomes, A Lattice Model for Malaria Transmission: mean-field approach and simulation
P1.10. Dorosz Sven, Fluctuation Relations and Crystallization
P1.11. Elizarova Tatiana Gennagyevna, Numerical simulation of turbulent flow in Taylor-Green vortex decay
P1.12. Furukawa Nobuo, Quasi Long Range Order of Defects in Frustrated Antiferromagnetic Ising Models on Spatially Anisotropic Triangular Lattices
P1.13. Glushkov Alexander V, Numerical modeling of atomic and nuclear systems inan intense laser field and resonance phenomena in heavy ions collisions
P1.14. Ishkhanyan Hayk, Electron spectrum of a double-wall carbon nanotube within the frame of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
P1.15. Ivanova Tatiana Alekseevna, Effect of nitrogen impurity on the structural, mechanical and phonon properties of diamond from first-principle study
P1.16. Kaurav Netram, Pressure induced structural phase transition and lattice dynamics in thallium-V compounds
P1.17. Khilkov Sergey, Numerical simulation ofspin distribution evolution for super-paramagnetic materials
P1.18. Kim Sangrak, Validity of Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Soft Matter
P1.19. Menshutin Anton, Scaling in the Diffusion Limited Aggregation Model: towards ultimate growth probability
P1.20. Murtazaev Akai Kurbanovich, Frustrations and phase transitions inthe Ising model on square lattice
P1.21. Shul'man A. Ya., Self-consistent mean-field approximation in the density functional theory of many-electron unbounded systems
P1.22. Vali Rashid, Effects of the in-plane magnetization on the conductance properties of the topological insulator ferromagnet/insulator/superconductor junctions

P2.23. Russkov Alexander, Analysis of cloud computing application in scientific centre
P1.24. Voznesenskiy Mikhail, Computer Simulations of Self-Assembled Mesocrystals formed by Iron Oxide Nanocubes