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Aug, 20
Aug, 21
Aug, 22
Aug, 23
Aug, 24
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Joan Adler


Plenary Talk 4

A. Alavi

Quantum Monte Carlo approach to the ground state eigenvalue problem of many-electron systems



Norbert Attig


Plenary Talk 8

T.-H. Watanabe

Exploring phase space turbulence in magnetic fusion plasmas


Hideaki Takabe


Plenary Talk 10

M. Hjorth-Jensen

Living at the edge of stability, understanding the limits of the nuclear landscape: Computational and algorithmic challenges


Alex Hansen

Plenary Talk 5

I. T. Foster    Preparing for the Computer Revolution

Plenary Talk 9

C. Pierleoni

First-principle calculations of high pressure hydrogen

Plenary Talk 11

N. Artemieva  Airbursts - from Tunguska to Chelyabinsk

Plenary Talk 1

D. Horvath   

Search for the Higgs Boson: a Numerical Adventure of Exclusion and Discovery

10.30-11.00 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

Plenary Talk 2

K. Binder

Simulations of Interfacial Phenomena in Soft Condensed Matter and Nanoscience


David Landau


Plenary Talk 6

W. Paul

Monte Carlo Simulations of Semi-flexible Polymers: From Single Chains to Nematic Melts



Berni J. Alder Prize

11.00-11.15 - an introduction from Prof. Alder

11.15-11.45 - talk by

Herman Berendsen
11.45-12.15 - talk by

Jean-Pierre Hansen
12.15-12.30 - discussion

Plenary Talk 12

S. Gottloeber  Formation of structure in the Universe


Plenary Talk 3

V. E.  Zakharov

Numerical Modeling of Ocean Waves

Plenary Talk 7

I. M. Khalatnikov Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations and Early Days of Computational Physics

Closing  11.45-12.00
12.30-13.50 Lunch Lunch Lunch  
13.50-16.00 A.1 Monte Carlo Methods A.2 Monte Carlo Methods A.3 Monte Carlo Methods
7.1 IT&HPC for Physics and Education
4.1 Education in Computational Physics
C.1 Density Functional Theory 6.2 Plasma Physics
1.1 Biological Physics 5.2 Quantum Physics and Low Temperature Physics 5.3 Quantum Physics and Low Temperature Physics

2.1 Hydrodynamics

3.1 Astrophysics and Cosmology
2.2 Hydrodynamics
7.2 IT&HPC for Physics and Education
16.00-16.30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

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D.1 Molecular Dynamics P.1 Poster Session P.2 Poster Session
B.1 Differential Equations and Chaos
6.1 Plasma Physics
5.1 Quantum Physics and Low Temperature Physics
18.40   End of program
Buffet Dinner at
Winter Garden of Conference Venue
End of program

Book of Abstracts, PDF

Conference Time Table, PDF

Posters: additional information
Deadline for the abstract submission for poster contribution is 10th of August.
The size of the boards for the posters is 100 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).
Each presenter can display the poster for one session on the day indicated in the poster program. The poster may be hung already in the morning and must be removed after the poster session.

European Physical Society (EPS) Prize (250 euro) will be awarded to the best poster (for students only).